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Make a Wish

The Hebrew New Year is usually on September, at the beginning of the autumn in the northern hemisphere. Sometimes, when a year is about to end and a new one is about to launch, one finds him or herself reflecting on the passing year and also looking for what they’d like the next year to look like.

Around September, this process is actually in sync with nature. Autumn is the time when the leaves are falling from the trees and the last crops are collected from the fields. Time for the remaining of the old things to be gathered, for old things to decay in order to transform into something new later on. Before a new leaf sprouts, an old one has to dry and detach from the tree.

So this Hebrew new year’s pondering is synchronized with nature, and it is an opportunity to discharge all that does'nt serve you any more, all that is redundant, and to start pumping in some new contributing energies.

How to do it?

First – when you reflect on the past year, no judgment please! The tree doesn’t judge itself for the brown, wrinkled leaves. The ground doesn’t judge itself for being dry. The lake doesn’t judge itself for not being at it’s fullest. This is merely a time and space to observe and let go. Hop on this wave in nature, join it, collect all that no longer serves you and let go.

Second – after letting go, maybe you’d like to wish for something new. You may know what it is, or you may just wish for a new energy. There are many ways to ask for things. A really nice and effective way that I like to use for igniting the generation of this new thing or energy, goes like this:

lie or sit down with your eyes closed, connect with your body (if you don’t remember how, click here) and then allow a clear intention of the heart and mind to emerge. repeat it several times in a positive, short and clear manner, phrasing it in the present tense, as if you were already experiencing it (for example, if you’d like happiness in your life, say: I’m happy. Don’t say: I want to be happy, or I’m not sad etc.).

Doing so while being present with your body, allows every part of your body and being to be submerged in this wish. This will allow the wish to start and manifest, start becoming your reality.

This way of asking, is the way to start a special meditation called Yoga Nidra (the sleeping yogi), and it’s real effective on its own.

So use it, use the synchronization with nature, let go of the old and start creating the new, simply by wishing and asking. If you wish for something, you have to let yourself, your body and the universe know!

***If you’d like to make a wish this way, and still not sure how to do it, you're invited to listen to me guiding you into it. it’s on the beginning of this meditation. Feel free to listen all the way through :)


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