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Keep your body vibrant

The end of winter and the beginning of spring is the greatest of times to go outside and be with nature. Especially today, when everybody talks about viruses and are concerned about staying indoors with other people.

Keeping your body vibrant is a great way to stay healthy.

How do I keep my body vibrant?

☼ Consciously choosing to be happy, even when it’s not the obvious choice.

☼ Spending a lot of time outside in the open air, being around plants and trees.

☼ Moving my body in a contributory way, such as running or taking long walks, and of course, practicing yoga!

☼ Getting a lot of vitamin C from eating citrus fruits just before they’re gone and replaced by yummy summer fruits.

☼ And if I want something extra, I make sure to strengthening my immune system with energetic processes.

How do you keep your body vibrant?

Please share! and feel free to add and use one of my very simple ways to keep your body healthy and happy :)


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