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Congratulations! It’s a Book!

Writing a book was never on my agenda, but after working with one of my yoga groups for three years, I realized that I composed a fair amount of very energetically potent guided imagination meditations for them, that were now just lying there, saved on my computer. so why not bring them to light for more people to use end benefit?

I had to get to work!

Originally, they were written in Hebrew, so I personally translated them to English. Every time I had a free hour, I sat down to translate. It took me almost a year, but I was not in a hurry. When the translation was completed, I turned to linguistic editing. After all, my English is from school and from the movies, and in my point of view a book needed something a little more professional than that…

The final touch were the illustrations, and there it was. The book. My book.

When I read these meditations to my groups, magic literally happens. special energies are intertwined in them, and if you are present as you read them out load, and do so in an ever-pleasant voice, you open a space that was not available before for your listeners. Surprisingly, it also happens if you read them just for you.

A space of peace and calm, a space of a special connection to the body and a space for transformation.

In Hebrew there’s a saying, which freely translates to: The baker does not praise his or her own dough. Meaning, you shouldn’t tell good things about what you create, you shouldn’t be the advocate of it and you should remain humble.

Well, humbleness sometimes prevents us from gifting our gifts and from others to know that we have these gifts, therefor preventing others from enjoying them.

So, humbleness aside, consider this as an invitation to have a potent useful tool in your tool box. You can empower yourself and others using this book, add extra value to your classes and easily share and spread the possibility for space of body awareness, serenity and change.

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