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B O R I N G or is it?

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I intend to write about something, and then I think – well, I have already written about this, haven’t I? am I just repeating myself? aren’t they bored reading similar things over and over again?

And then I remember how many times I have heard or read something I already knew, but needed a reminder, and usually the reminder came at the exact time I needed it.

Does a person need to hear that he is loved more than once? All the times I have told my kids I love them… Are they tired of hearing me say it? Maybe, but I’ll say it anyway! Because we often need a reminder.

And there’s another reason.

When we hear or read something the first time, and then after a while we come across it again, things will be revealed while re-listening or re-reading it, that we didn’t get the last time. 99% this will be the case.

I see it even in my yoga classes. I specifically remember one yoga student, that was practicing with me for over a year, and when I gave guidelines how to arrange the body to enter a certain pose, she said: “Oh, now that you’re saying it THIS WAY, I finally get it!”. Guess what? I’d been saying it THAT WAY the entire year she had been practicing with me! But at the time she said it, only then, something in her mind and body was able to embody the pose and the way to get in to it. Only then she got it, and it seemed to her as if she was hearing the instructions for the very first time. Something in my words was revealed to her differently.

This also happens while reading something. You get a reminder, and also you suddenly get another angle. A new awareness. Something opens up that did'nt open the first time you came across this idea or prospect. Maybe something in you changed that allows you to try and use a tool you were not willing to try before. It can be anything, but it will always be at least slightly different. AT LEAST.

This difference can make all the difference!

So yes my friends, I’ll keep writing about choice, body, breath, presence, awareness, energy, vibration, meditation and more of that and give you tools and some of my awareness, so if you choose to get something out of them, it can bring ease, peace, joy, relaxation, space and even a handful of happiness into your life :)

Ready to have some of that? stay tuned for my upcoming blogs, and better yet, scroll around some of the previous blogs, maybe there's something for you there right now!


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