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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

~ Divine bliss ~

In yoga, Anandamaya kosha is one of five layers that we are made of, that we have within us, and considered to be the most elusive and hardest to reveal. A layer that can only be reached and unveiled by a constant practice of devotion to the divine, selfless service to others and focused meditation.

Sounds a little out of reach, is it not?

In my point of view, if something is within us, if this layer is a part of who we are and what we are made of, then there’s always a way to reach and find it. The secret is not to sit and wait for something big, an out of the ordinary phenomenon or some form of a miracle. But to start noticing the little things and then helping them expand and grow.

Lets look at a simple example together:

Notice your body right now. You can sit or lie down, it doesn’t matter. Notice your body and find a bodily area that feels nice. No pain or stress there. it can be a relaxed area or a very vibrant area. something there that gives you some kind of pleasure. Notice that area and take a moment of gratitude for having this nice sensation.

Notice what happens to the area that you have your focus on and gratitude for: does the yumminess there deepen? Does it expand to other areas? Is the pleasurable sensation more present even just a bit? Usually it does.

We have quite a few fleeting moments of bliss during the day, of pleasurable joy, that we tend to let them go by and dissipate almost unnoticeable and unappreciated. It happens in every area of life. You cannot expect to experience a huge divine bliss without you noticing the so-called small blisses.

As always, it is basically very simple. A two-step process to experience and amplify the joyful bliss in your life:

First step is to notice those joyful bliss moments, as subtle as they might be.

Second step is to take a moment of gratitude for them. By being grateful, you energetically exponentialize the growth and magnitude of whatever it is you’re grateful for. So when you’re having a blissful moment, gratitude will open the door to experience this bliss in deeper levels, for longer periods of time and also summon more of this joyful bliss to come in the future.

At first if may seem like “ordinary” pleasure or joy, but soon enough the divine conscious bliss will sneak in and be more and more present.

~ Ananda ~


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