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A Simple Imagination Tool!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Guided imagination meditation can be very effective in many areas of well-being and consciousness. If you’re not attending a class where they guide you through it, you can always listen to meditations on your own (you already know I have recorded a few freebies for you to listen! You’re more than welcome to check then out here). You need to take a few moments to listen to a meditation of your choice, it’s preferable to find a quiet space that will allow you to listen with ease. As you can see, it can be quite simple.

I have another even simpler suggestion for you, which requires almost nothing. Actually, it requires just one basic element. WATER.

Water gives us life. We are composed mainly of water. We drink water. We clean ourselves with water. Water is there in our daily life, so let’s use water for our benefit a little further. Using our imagination, of course.

Too tired? Feeling lethargic, bored or numb? Have a glass of water and imagine a huge vibrant life force entering your body as the water pours in.

Taking a shower at the end of a weary or a busy day? Imagine that along with the sweat and dirt that are washed away, the water also washes all the remnants of worries and bothering thoughts, washing away all that might still be burdening you, leaving you lighter, with a clearer mind.

Taking a morning shower? Let the water wash away the sleepiness. Imagine sleepiness dripping away from your body together with the water drops, and you’re now energized for a new day.

Those are very simple and very easy to imagine! And boy, the difference created is truly amazing, you'll be able to sense it real quick. Relief and more inner peace are usually the first to come.

Whenever possible I go for simple and handy ideas, because many times those things that are easily available will create the most impact.

And now my favorite one with water - drum rolls please... rain! Rain pouring directly from the clouds in the sky, without pipes and tubes as middlemen.

When it’s raining, listen to the sound of the rain…on the ground, on the roof, on your windshields. Relax your body and imagine the rain washing away all your troubles, worries and pain, bringing you the gifts of life force, vibrance and happiness.

I often can’t help myself and go out to get wet in the rain… why not make it easier on the imagination and get the real deal? :)


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