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Peace of Energetics

An active meditation designed to create energetic change in conflict areas around the world and a contribution to the earth. 

From connection to the body and into the energetic field of possibilities! 

What kind of events is it good for?

For classes, workshops and events that are about awareness, consciousness, energy, healing, empowerment and meditations of many kinds.


Wondering if this process suits your event? Contact me and lets find out together. 

What's the value in it?

The process is an hour long, it is enjoyable, soothing, relaxing and empowering. While giving you also receive. Each participant contributes to their ability, there is no right or wrong and no prior knowledge or experience required.   

We would all like a happy, good, satisfying and enjoyable life and living and a sustainable earth. Other possibilities for people and for the earth should be available. Peace of energetics is designed to contribute to that.  

How enjoyable this can be and what change can we create together?



To find out when I'm in your country

Noa Zalle Energetic Healing Yoga Access
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