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Words vibrate

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

You all probably know that words can hurt at least as much as physical violence. You also know and experience that a kind word from someone can work wonders in your feeling and well-being.

But the actual said word is not always that important, rather it’s vibration. What?... well, words vibrate with the meaning of the word, but also with the intention, the state of mind and the energy they are said. Don’t get me wrong, I try to be accurate with what I say, but if the energy of what I say doesn’t match the words, then I might as well say nothing.

How many times did someone say something, but you were not “buying” it? It doesn’t mean that they were lying, but they were not exactly congruent with what they were saying. I’ll give you an example:

If someone, let’s say, sees you in the morning and tells you that you look wonderful, even if you don’t look so wonderful to yourself. If this person had really paused to look at you and be with you at that brief moment, the vibration of the words will echo and absorb into your world as real, and will make your world lighter and better.

If that person says the same thing, but his or her mind is not quite there, they are already in a different place, he or she just pulls it out of the sleeve and carries on, it doesn’t matter if they actually do think you look wonderful, the vibration will be different and the impact on you will be weaker or even not existent, to the point that you don’t think they’re being truthful.

So, when you’re talking to someone, especially if it’s important to you or them, try to be present. That way, even if what comes out of your mouth is not exactly the right choice of words, what you meant or wanted to say, the vibration will be there and you’ll get better results.

When I talk to clients or facilitate people through meditation or other processes, I try to be totally present, allowing my words to vibrate in congruence with me and with whatever I want to facilitate. They don’t always logically get what I say, but they always get the energy and vibration, and that alone allows the process to occur.


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