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On Your Marks, Get Set… Joy!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

How do you create sustainable joy when everything around is so unstable? And often not so joyous? Even more so, why joy?

Change is occurring. Multitude of us asked for change, but it showed up not quite the way we wished for it to be. There are those of us who get depressed or angry by it, others who are optimistic and waiting to see the good that will come out of it, and others who are simply confused. But basically, everyone from their different point of views are waiting for this wave to pass so we can get our heads out of the water and get a glimpse of what our new safe shore would look like.

There’s the new not yet visible shore, there’s the wave still rumbling, and there’s you.

How you act and react right now, not only will affect the way you survive or thrive this wave, but also how the new shore will take form and actualize.

You will not create the beautiful shore you wish for by fear and despair. This will be giving in to navigating the change to an undesirable direction. By maintaining levels of happiness and joy, you’re pulling and inviting more happiness and more joy to your personal space, and therefor also to the communal space. The more you vibrate joy, the more others can choose it too. As joyous as you be, all the lies of fear and terror are easily detected and it becomes easier not to fall for them, not to be despaired by them, but to switch your inner light of joy even more.

Will you choose to be the light house of joy even if you’d be the only one happy around you? Are you willing to be different enough to allow yourself to be happy, therefor amping it up for everyone else, and allowing the new change to appear as joyous and wonderful as we would all like it to be?

Ignite your inner fire of joy. Let’s do this! Let's be it!


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