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The Way the Universe Works is Truly Miraculous

In the super short video below, you can see Mystie and Buffy, my friend Tali’s cat and dog. You can see that Buffy is licking Mystie’s back, cleaning her up.

Apart from it being adorable, what is so special about it?

Tali saved Mystie when she was a tinny kitten. Mystie made it against all odds, but her back legs and pelvis are not a 100% OK, so she’s not able to reach and clean herself back there.

That’s where Buffy gets in the picture and does it for her! How lucky Mystie is, isn’t she !?

Well, it’s not all about luck. It is as if the universe has arranged her with not only to be saved, but also with the perfect care taker in the shape of a dog, that senses without words that she needs some assistant.

All Mystie have to do is to be willing to receive. As you can see, she totally is!

It is so simple for animals, not having a point of view on how things should be and being willing to go with the flow and receive. The universe takes care of the rest :)

Would you like to have some of that?

I know I would.

It is not far out there. Like Mystie, start by trusting and by being willing to receive.


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