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Winter Pause

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I find winter exciting. Rain, snow, wind, thunderstorm… all those changes in weather and the extravaganza of nature keeps me alert, alive, joyous and even uplifted.

But there are those wintry days, that all I want to do is to crawl back to my cozy bed, or to sit in my heated home and do almost nothing.

Does that happen to you? And if so, do you fight it and force yourself into doing something? Or you just go with this flow, let go and be with it?

Well, I don’t have an answer which to choose. I can give perfectly good reasons on why you should just be with it, and also good ways on how to get over it. There’s no right or wrong here.

I will say though, that these two, so called opposite positions, are both in connection and in sync with nature. And that’s always wonderful.

The first one, the excitement and thrill, is like being the weather itself. Being the wind, being the rain, being the thunder and lightning.

The second, the waiting, not doing, cuddling in a blanket, is like being the seed that is covered in the ground. The seed is just sitting there, gets nourished by the ground, gets watered by the rain and snow, waiting patiently for it to get a little warmer. It develops within it's body everything it needs in order to sprout when the time comes.

This is a natural movement of nature, this time of pause during the winter. Its OK to allow it from time to time. But Let’s add something to it:

When we are in this wintry seed-like state, it’s a good opportunity to reconnect with the earth and with nature and get nourished. From inside your house, just look outside a window. Notice your breath. Expand your breath while looking outside. Even if you’re living in a city, find a tree down the street to look at, or stare at the raindrops falling down. And breath.

A reminder like this, reminds the body and spirit that they are a part of nature and that pausing is also a natural thing, allowing you to passively charge yourself and build your strengths.

***You can listen to me guiding you through meditation designed just for that!!! go to my Guided Imagination Meditations page HERE , scroll down and press play on Connecting with Nature and Earth meditation ***


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