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Attending to our bodies is so important

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

It took me a very long time to discover my body, and to be in touch with it. The energetic world was far more immediate and accessible. It seems it should be the other way around, but it wasn’t like that for me.

Sitting down, listening to a guided imagination meditation, instantly carried me to faraway lands, immersed my body and being with diverse sensations and brought colors and visions in front of my eyes. Similar or even stronger sensations rose whenever I received a therapeutic energetic session. Those were wonderful experiences, and I was always a bit sad when the meditation or session were over.

Over the years, I have learnt that the more I was connected to my body, the more I could fly high in the energetic world. The more I was grounded, I could reach the sky more easily. I could stay present and at the same time go anywhere I wanted energetically. This was a great discovery to me back then.

I see that with my clients, the more I am able to facilitate them into connecting with their bodies, being aware of their bodies, being aware of what the body is showing while we’re dealing with something that supposedly has nothing to do with the body, the faster the issue they have come to deal with is resolved, and they can start being aware themselves, so they are able to deal with things on their own in a new, easier and more efficient way.

When I facilitate guided imagination meditations, I also usually start with the body. Yeah, I do it in order to relax the body so the mind can also be free to absorb the words and get more from the meditation, but I also do it to connect the listener to the body, since the more they are grounded and connected, the higher they can go.

Try it when you facilitate meditations, when you teach or facilitate any sort of class, but first, try it on yourself. Your body is right there. Feel it. Be aware of it. Be aware of what it is telling you. You’ll be surprised to see that usually your body is smarter than your brain, and simply by being in touch with it, you can open a whole new space to function from.


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