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Yoga poses are divided into categories, mainly in order to know what is the prime theme of the pose, where the focus is.

One category is twists. Almost every pose has a twist variation, some way of twisting the back. Why?


Twists are tremendously important. Our bodies are able to twist to variable degrees, there are muscles that allow it. By twisting we activate all those muscles. When we twist, we often allow muscles and other tissues around them to move, to gently untangle all the coagulations that are often formed by stress, by over doing it or by the opposite - lack of movement.

We allow numb areas to receive more nutrients by the increase of blood flow, therefor maintaining better vitality and health.

And there is the energy

According to Yogic philosophy and other eastern philosophies, our main energetic path or stream, passes and flows in the middle of the body: from the pelvic floor and up to the crown of the head, and all the way back. When we perform a twist it is like wringing our main energetic pathway, invigorating our bodies with more energy.

So how to perform a twist without causing any damage to the body?

*Complicated twist should be supervised, and simple ones need to also be supervised if you’re pregnant or suffering from spinal and back issues.

There’s a simple, yet so enjoyable and reviving twist, that you can practice:

Lie down on your back. Bend your knees and bring them close to your chest, and then let them fall to your right. Place your right arm on your pelvis, and spread your left arm to the left, not higher than your shoulder. Gently rotate your head to the left.

Your back is now twisting. The closer your knees are to your chest; the more intense the twist is, so be gentle and don’t bring them too close.

Now allow your body to relax into the twist, remember to breath the entire time, allowing energy flow and relaxation. After a minute or two you can move to the other side.

Enjoy you twist!


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