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Things change!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The two things that I had an immediate click with, were energetic work and yoga. I knew I wanted to give energetic session, heal and help creating change with energy very soon after I was get acquainted with it. I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher very early during my yoga practice.

I have done a bunch of things prior to becoming an energetic therapist, and a whole other bunch before becoming a yoga teacher.

Does that make me wrong? No. that makes me an explorer! The same is true for you, if you are like me, and people tell you that you’re not serious or indecisive… you probably just have many talents and you’re bored using only some of them! Or doing it for too long! That doesn’t make you wrong! That makes you a multi-talent-interesting-curious person!

So, I switched many areas of interest and studied many many things, and also today, when I am so called “settled” with my energetic work and yoga, I still look for diversity and different creations within the big title. More than that, I keep discovering that things still change! And what was fun and creative for me for a long time doesn’t always stay that way.

Things change! And I change!

For the past I don’t know how long, I’ve been struggling with teaching evening yoga and guided imagination meditation classes. Really, found myself dragging my body out of the house to go and give a class. Is that the energy I want to give my students? Is that the energy I wanted to operate from? To be in? Hell no.

For better and worse, I wasn’t fast here. It took me quite a while to realize that things have changed. That this is not working for me anymore. When I finally did, I chose to end my evening classes by the end of the year. It was such a relief. And it made my morning classes so much better! I had much more energy to contribute there, and to all my other creations.

Some will have the point of view that I’m less of a yogi because of it, a non-persistent person, a person that gives up. But I know that I was able to see and be with the change that occurred, didn’t fight it and chose. I didn’t give up, I made a choice! And choice always creates, always!

Instead of going into judgment of you, see what’s actually there! Is it possible that things are changing, and there’s nothing wrong with it or with you?

Can you see that choosing not to do something is also a choice? Not better or worse than saying yes?

Notice when things change, my friends! and what adventures are waiting for you when you follow that change.

more about changes in my next blog :)


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