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The Big Bang of Holidays

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I loooove this time of year, when winter comes with holidays of lots of light!

Christmas always plays catch with Hanukkah, but this year they collide in a big bang of lights.

The holidays are not necessarily a joyous time for everyone. They tend to single out the singles, who might feel lonely, they tend to annoy and stress out those who are dealing with complicated families or familial situations, and rise longing for far away love ones.

Lets turn this around and look at it as an invitation to focus on the light and it’s uplifting attributes, regardless of your familial or residential situation.

The wintery holidays use light as a major element in the tradition (*this is not a religious explanation, but something to observe, to ponder about, and to be inspired by). Both holidays take place in winter, where it is getting colder and colder, darker and darker. Throughout times, people were looking for light to dissipate the darkness, light to penetrate and expand throughout the darkness. So elements of light in winter holidays are almost necessary.

People were also Looking for light as a source for comfort. Have you ever noticed how much joy, inner warmth and peace are created by looking at a lit-up candle? It makes no sense, but that’s the way it is. And it has no loneliness attached, but quite the opposite. Gentle lights are uplifting by their nature, and once warm and peaceful inside, you are not alone, and all other upsets fade away.

As for the long and dark nights, now is just about the time when the wheel turns over. Day light time is getting longer little by little. In the early days, people needed something to keep the faith that day light time will continue to strengthen. Fast forward to today - we know that day light indeed gets longer every day, we don’t share this uncertainty of the old days. But by lighting the candles or decorating the tree with lights (use solar lights though! 😉) we energetically join the natural movement towards light at this time of year.

Have lots of light, inside and out! joyful holidays for those celebrating, joyful days for everyone :)


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