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Something for the new year

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The end of this year and the beginning of a new one, is often a time we take a few moments, some of us more… to ponder on what we’ve created and done the past year, was it a good year, are we satisfied with everything that went on in our lives, our relationships, our businesses and jobs, you get the idea.

If it’s something that you do, this pondering, there will probably be areas in your life that you’ll review and be pleased with, and others that you’d like to have it different or simply have more.

Well, there are many energetic ways to create and to have more, one of which is gratitude. Yes, gratitude. Being grateful for something, as small as it may be, does a few wonderful things:

First, it changes your vibration and the space you are in at that moment. Something in you relaxes, surrenders peacefully to those waves of – I am thankful for this. The inner battles and frustrations can go back stage for a while.

Secondly, it makes you acknowledge the things that you do have in your life, that you have created and maybe never gave them a second glance. You get to see that you have more than you realized.

And thirdly, once you are grateful for something, you create more of it. Yep, this is how the energetics of this work. If you want more relationships, be grateful for those you already have. If you tend to be moody and dispirited, be grateful for the days or hours that you do experience joy, so you can experience more of it. If you want more money, be grateful for the money you currently have.

So, if you’re doing this checklist of the passing year, instead of judging yourself for what was not enough the last twelve months, be grateful for what was and IS in your life, and by doing so- create more of it, have the abundance that you desire.

Happy new year.

***You can listen to me guiding you through meditation designed just for that!!! go to my Guided Imagination Meditations page HERE , scroll down and press PLAY on Gratitude meditation***


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