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Simply Be

Have you ever tried to just be? really be? without thinking or carrying the energy of what happened a while ago and without planning ahead?

I bet you all tried it sometime or experienced those scarce moments where you just WERE. But as the next thing came up, those moments and the energy they carry soon dissipated.

It is quite amazing, that the most basic thing that’s supposed to be easy and effortless, becomes more and more elusive and hard to reach as we grow up. The worse part is that we get to a point where we actually don’t get what’s it good for.

We are taught to plan ahead, to think forward. We are taught that things we do have consequences, so we think a lot before doing something. We often dwell in the past, letting it color our present. It may all be fine, but what about just BEING? How quickly we forget how to simply be, something that comes so natural and easy for a baby or a little child. Something that is a given for everything in nature, but mankind…

When we grow up, we have to re-educate ourselves, re-naturalize ourselves if you’d like.

It doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing. It can be so if you choose, but it mainly means being at the moment with what IS at that moment. No luggage from the past, no judgments about things we’ve done or didn’t do, no far ahead planning. Simply being.

I’ve discovered a whole different space when I made the conscious choice to simply be. It was during a not so fun time, a time when I’ve been thinking too much. Overthinking everything and getting nowhere. Tried every energetic tool I knew and nothing wasn’t really working.

Till one day I heard an inner voice saying: Let it go. Just be. Simply be.

So I did. I didn’t stop doing things, I was just present while doing them, not overthinking about them or thinking about anything else for that matter.

The inner space created was amazing. such peace and a burden release. And from that peace and simple being there was a space for new energy to emerge. New energy that brought sunshine and smiles in, new ideas and life force.

It’s easy to forget how to simply be. It is so worth remembering.

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