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A Practice for Two. Yoga and Real Life.

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

From time to time I introduce my yoga students with poses for two.

Everybody is a little embarrassed the first few seconds, then the pleasure of the touch and the benefit of having someone work with them into the pose take over, smiles and free laughter are soon to be seen and heard.

Apart from physical benefits that are gained, practicing with a partner into the pose helps you develop dual attention – inside yourself and outside to your partner. You cannot have one without the other, or you won’t be able to get into the pose, you might hurt yourself or your partner, or simply fall.

I always guide my students to get into a partial pose on their own first, to be well grounded, in alignment with their own body and make sure to be present with themselves. Only then to make the desired contact with their partner. While connecting, they should keep paying attention to their own body, and simultaneously see what their partner requires.

Are they providing a pleasant touch? Do they pull their partner too much or too little? Can they support their partner better? Are they attentive to what their partner needs in order to stay in the pose with them?

I always see those who rush to take care of their partner without considering what’s right for their body. There are those who wants to “get it right”, no matter if they might hurt themselves or their partners. I also see those who are in such a hurry to get there, ending up loosing balance and tremble.

And then there are those who connect to the ground, find an inner alignment, then look in their partner's eyes and smile, and slowly they engage with each other and get into the pose. such beauty, harmony and joy are created, even if they are the least physically strong or flexible people.

Yoga practice is like a micro-environment for real life. A lot of the time we are in relation to someone or in relationship with someone. We have to act, to respond, to adjust ourselves to others around us.

It will always be more ALIGNED WITH YOU and also KINDER TO OTHERS, if you first take care of you.

See where you stand, notice your body, notice your breath, get present with yourself. Then look at those around you, be and do what’s required for you and them both, at a pace that still keeps you present, and don’t lose yourself in the process.


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