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Opening Another Door

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I have always known to choose the resources that can take me a step forward in my life. Those that opened up the door to introduce me with something greater.

It wasn't always glorious and wonderful, some of it meant to go through some harsh stuff that I didn’t even know was there, but when I allowed myself to be there and go through it, more space and ease came into my life, and I dare to say even magic :)

The interesting thing, which you most likely know from your own experiences, is that you don’t always know that you hit something big with your choice. Sometimes you know if that’s the case only once you’re already in or even only in retrospective.

Wether we choose these resources based on reasoning, based on some inner knowing or just out of curiosity, we create something else in our lives.

What’s next? Do you ever get a feeling that something great happened but then life went on and things came up that are not so great? What now? is it all ruined? And what to do with all those unpleasant new things?

Well, not all is ruined. I have a few suggestions:

First, don’t dismiss the wonder that had already happened. If it happened once, it is there and yours to own. It means that you can create and allow wonderful things to enter your life again, since you’ve already created it in the past. Yes, it is your creation, not just sheer luck. You have a space within you that allows beauty to be a part of your life. When you acknowledge it, this space grows, therefor inviting more.

Second, use the resources you already know and have that will lift you up and help you get through. It can be something simple like a walk in the park, if that’s a resource for you. It can be reaching out to a friend to talk to, to professional help of any kind if this is a resource for you. It can be an energetic tool that you know, a bodily workout that you like, meditation, reading an inspirational text or getting a hug from your partner. It can be basically anything. Ask – what is the resource that will help me get through this?

You don’t necessarily need to use a lot of tools. Choose one or two that will be the most effective for you at this particular moment.

Third, after you go through steps one and two (acknowledging the wonder that you’ve already created, and using a resource you already know and have), ask yourself if now is the time to open a new door. If you get s YES, ask what will be the new choice that will open that door?

I’m curious to find out. Aren’t you?


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