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I forgot to ask, but got it anyway!

WARNING: I'm going to use the words beauty, wonder and their declensions a lot :)

Today I forgot to ask the universe to show me something beautiful. But it did anyway!

I went for a run, and after a while, as I turned back home, there was this beautiful image that revealed itself right in front of me. Rays of sunshine penetrating through the clouds. I’m not sure the pic below captures all the beauty, so you’ll have to trust me :) It was beautiful.

It was a wondrous moment that showed me (again) the beautiful earth that we live in, the beauty it has to offer us, and how by just raising our eyes we can see wonder.

It changed my mood. I woke up a bit cranky and lethargic, and this beautiful sight pumped me with energy, brought a smile on my face, extended my breath and therefor changed the beginning of the day to a much nicer start.

These transient moments can contribute so much to an ordinary day, contribute so much to us.

Notice the beauty, and also ask for the universe to show it to you. It’s magical!


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