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How to sit for meditation

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I never thought I would meditate. I used to be such a jumpy person, sometimes I still am, jumping from one thing to the other, and sure not able to sit on my butt for too long.

When the meditation was a guided imagination meditation, it was quite easy, since someone guides you through it, and it is sort of like listening to an interesting story. But the first time I was asked to sit quietly was not that easy. Irrelevant thoughts seemed to appear all the time and the body was sore from sitting with no movement and no support for the back for so long.

I am not a strict person, and I prefer to meditate comfortably, and this is the way I guide people to go into meditation. Feeling your body is important, feeling the connection to the ground is important, but if you are having trouble holding your back straight, then that is all you will think about during the meditation, and it will be very hard to create a different space and get somewhere that way. So, get your back supported, be comfortable, stay in touch with the ground and the surface you are sitting on, pay attention to those contact areas, if anything is uncomfortable, make the adjustments so that is will get comfortable.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or strict and it should enable you to create a place and space for something else to occur – more ease, more peace of mind, expansion and relaxation.

Will you allow yourself that without judging yourslef because maybe you moved during the meditation? Or because you didn’t sit straight enough? these things are not important, just be patient with the new space you are now creating and engaging. It is new, it takes time to create it or to get used to it, allow yourself that and a whole new space will reveal itself to you.

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