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How to Know that You Know

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

When clients come over to my clinic with an uncertainty about something and are looking for some clarity, we talk and run energetic processes to allow this clarity and knowing to emerge.

How do you discern knowing from any other thought?

The mind is a master in tricking you! Many times your thoughts are so vivid, that you are sure they are the ultimate truth. And still, there are thoughts and there is knowing, and there’s a difference there.

First, be aware that you have many thoughts wandering around your mind, most of them are inflicted by your parents, siblings, partners, friends, society and culture. You often see groups of friends that think alike, countries that their residents hold the same beliefs, family members that live by the same standards and so on. just be aware that this is most of what’s going on in your mind. It is quite natural, but you don’t want to confuse other people thoughts and beliefs, which you have grown into or adopted to yourself, with true knowing.

After you’re aware of it, how can you tell the difference?

Lets say you have to make a choice. If you’re telling yourself the pros and the cons, and choosing by where there are more pros, then it’s a choice driven by thought, not by knowing. It’s not wrong choosing this way, and you’ll see results by this choice. But not always the results you were looking for, and sometimes you’ll miss a greater possibility.

When you’re over thinking something, and finally reaching a conclusion? You’re right! That’s thinking, not knowing. Easy to detect, right?

When you know something, there’s this certainty that comes with it, even if it doesn’t make sense! You experience inner peace and a very relaxed excitement when you know. It’s not a “high” manic excitement, but a serene happiness. Because you know. And the knowing is not affected by thoughts, it is just there. Knowing.


Overthinking: thoughts.

Pros and cons: thoughts.

Self-convincing: thoughts.

Inner peace: knowing.

No doubt: knowing.

A moment (or longer) of certainty (even if right now it doesn’t make sense): knowing.

When you experience these moments of knowing, they are not always about pleasant things. Still, at that very moment of knowing, there will be inner peace because there’s no distraction to mess with you and no doubt.

Starting to discern between the two will bring you the gift of knowing and acting with alignment to your knowing, not to everybody else’s thoughts. Being able to follow your knowing will allow you to enjoy all the wonders you can now create in your life.


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