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Fly (or look for living happily)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Some may find it strange, but I find peace when I’m sitting in an airplane, flying high in the sky. I know for many people flying is stressful, but for others it’s not.

Being cut of from all the distractions, the senses are dimmed by the monotonous sound of the engines, the ongoing fast movement which the body gets as almost no motion, and the different point of view of the world!

Looking down at the world, watching houses and roads go smaller and smaller, the land goes wider and wider, the big waves of the sea look like thin lines… and even in a rainy day, after a short while you go through the clouds and Vioala! The sun is still and always shining.

Instantly all my worries are gone, and I ponder with enormous amount of gratitude and excitement about my love ones and my life. It flips to this in a heart beat- as soon as the wheels of the airplane detach from the ground.

So how can I have this when I’m not flying high in the sky?

A part of the art of living happily, is to identify something good or enjoyable that you experience, pin point the required ingredients, and make a yummy jam out of it in other situations too.

In this case, my body was given the conditions to relax: tender motion, quiet senses. No distractions from people on the phone and other media distractions, so my mind could relax too. No “having to do” something (sorry, all I can do is sit right now…), so all the “I have to succeed in doing this on time” thoughts are not there. Both body and mind can relax some more.

AND I can look at EVERYTHING from a different perspective. Both literally and metaphorically.

Ooohhh, I’d like to take all the ingredients also to my life on the ground 😊

This simple pin point/ reminder to myself can apply to you too, try it!

☼ Giving your body the relaxation it needs by proper rest or proper movement.

☼ Quietening the senses by closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath.

☼ Muting or closing the mobile phone from time to time.

☼ Giving yourself the time slots to NOT DO something. Just to BE for a while.

☼ Remembering that a point of view can be easily changed, and things can look totally

different from a different perspective! Try not to hold on to your point of view, find your

perspective, the one that will create a serene and joyful space.

☼ And - After going through stormy clouds, the sun always waits, always there to brighten up

the day. Know it’s there and look for it.


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