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SEND-Energy beyond distance

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

It all started about 15 years ago. A good friend of mine was at the early stages of her first pregnancy. She gave me a call, terrified, saying that she’s bleeding from down below, and everybody says there’s nothing to do since it’s been only a few weeks of gestation. She didn’t want to lose that pregnancy.

It was a phone call between friends. She didn’t quite know what to ask from me, since supposedly there was nothing to do. Just a looking for sympathy kind of a call. But then I said – you know what? Let me try and send you energetic therapy throughout the distance. If it won’t help it won’t hurt… nothing to lose here. She agreed.

So I stood there, asking in my mind to connect with her, and started strengthening the connection of the fetus to the womb. It started as imagining it, but shortly after there was a vibe there, a movement that was not my imagination. I could definitely sense that. After it was all over, I gave her a call and she said that I wouldn’t believe her, but she felt me, she felt something in the uterus and the bleeding had stopped.

She reached full term pregnancy and had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I never had a doubt. I already knew I could induce healing and well-being in people’s lives and bodies. During energetic healing sessions, when clients were lying down, I was facilitating energy through my eyes and hands that were placed two, ten, fifty centimeters away from their bodies. If that can occur, so what’s the difference if it’s a few centimeters away from the body or kilometers away? I don’t touch or manipulate physically the body anyway, so the distance seemed irrelevant to me.

And so it was, and still is. Energy can go through cloths, walls, blocks, mountains and oceans. It makes it so easy to give and receive. People can live so far away from me, and can still benefit from the energetic therapy. For instance, I had a client traveling to Argentina and she was injured there and had to go to surgery. She asked me to give her an energetic session, while she’s there and I am in Israel. The surgery went well, and the recovery was faster than anticipated.

It is so amazing for me, to be able to give energetic sessions this way, reach out to more people and make it easier for them. Give them therapy at a specific time if they need it, for example while going through or after a medical procedure, or for relaxation before a big stressful thing coming up. Being able to be there when it’s required, even if I’m not actually there.

I also like to give this kind of energetic sessions to kids. I get that it is kinder this way: the parents don’t have to drive the kid, to find someone to look after the siblings, the kid doesn’t have to get used to a new place and a new therapist and to be overloaded with therapies (as in many of the cases children who come to therapy are already going to therapists from other fields, such as occupational therapy etc.) and most importantly, they don’t have to lie still for the duration of the therapy.

I once gave sessions to a teenager, that was the only way he agreed to receive therapy. After a few sessions, from a very introverted boy, always cooped up alone in his room, he was asking, not just willing but voluntarily asking, to go out of his room, to talk and do things with his family. For the first time he was looking for some company. His mother was ecstatic.

A little boy with huge daily tantrums began to calm down. A kid’s minor epileptic seizures gradually decreased. A teenager who refused to do anything for himself and for his own good for two whole years, started to change that shortly into therapy. All those kids received the energetic session beyond distances. I was at my clinic, and they were at home. Zero effort for them. 100% willingness to receive in that form.

When I was attending university, working towards my Science bachelor’s degree, I took a physics class. My professor was a religious man. Some students asked him, how can he be both religious and a physicist. It’s either faith or science. He replied that being a physicist showed him that there’s so much still unknown, that he knows only very little of how this universe works, therefor he’s keeping space for faith.

The so-called absolute science that we have today, is far smaller from what actually exists and we haven’t discovered yet. Quantum physics is maybe closer and may explain in some way those energetic sessions beyond distance and how they work. But despite of being in the scientific world in the past, or thanks to being there, I know that there’s so much more and I’m not looking for definitions and explanations.

I connect with the person as if he or she are in the room with me, sense everything available for me to perceive and facilitate the energy. And when someone tells me that it helps, that a change occurred, that more ease has entered their lives, I am so grateful to be able to be a part of it.

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