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SEND therapy for children & youth

SEND therapy is designed for children and youth who are  experiencing emotional difficulties, such as restlessness and anxiety, and for children who are experiencing verbal and nonverbal communication difficulties.

The therapy helps the child to regain balance, opens the possibility to bridge over developmental delays, allows both the child and the family to experience a more peaceful life and living.   

The energetic therapy is being gifted from my clinic, while the child is at home, playing or sleeping. Not having to make time to go out, drive and get the child acquainted and cooperate with yet another therapist, makes it a lot easier for both parent and child. You can receive SEND therapy from anywhere around the world. 

"I don't know what went on the session this week, but my son miraculously really opened up      "  R.S. 

(A what's up message from a mother of a very introverted and secluded teenager)

"Is it possible to transfer emotions of love to those who are close to us? and to those far away? of course it is.

What about healing energies?

I know it's possible. I have seen Noa.

Noa started giving energetic therapeutic sessions to my son when he was 5 years old. We noticed he had lapses in awareness for a few seconds during the day. He would "freeze", with no ability to move or speak, but he was able to hear and see everything. Those episodes startled us and him both. 

A neurological examine that included an EEG test showed that these were epileptic seizures, but since they were not systematic and didn't last for long they couldn't treat it with medicine.

At that point, when the conventional medicine couldn't offer any solution, I turned to Noa. 

She began gifting weekly sessions to my son, and the frequency of the seizures gradually decreased. 

I was always able to tell when the energetic therapy was on, since my son showed actual physical reaction. Today, a year and a half since the seizures appeared they are completely gone!". L.L.

"One of my grandchildren's language development is delayed. he is seeing a speech therapist, and indeed there has been an improvement. Since I get therapy from Noa myself and also took her energetic healing class, I consulted with her and we agreed that I'd check with his parents about giving SEND therapy to him.

I trust her completely and they trusted my recommendation and didn't see any reason to object, even though it sounded a little weird to them, since they realized there is no 'logistic' effort required and they thought that at worse case scenario it won't help, but won't do any harm either.

After two sessions he started to talk more, he used more vocabulary, began to "snatch" the phone, listen and answer with a Yes and No. 

Today, a month and a half has passed, and he's composing sentences and speaks increasingly clearer. It is still in process and far from perfection but it is obvious that something has changed. 

I thank Noa and trust her with my eyes closed. She is following the process consistently, reliably and professionally and is very attentive". N.E

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