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Energetic Therapy is Not Just For Spiritual Weirdos : "Not Just for" Trilogy Ep.3

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I am an energetic healer and a yoga teacher.

I get about three typical responses from people after they hear what I do for a living:

1 - but you look so normal!

2 – do you really believe in it?

3 – so, you’re a yoga teacher?

All three makes me laugh :)

I love what I do, so I don’t really care what people say. I do care for what I do, and I’d really love for people to be more aware of the possibility to receive energetic therapy, since it often gives them something they can’t get any other way.

You don’t need to be spiritual in order to receive energetic therapy. You don’t have to believe in it. All you have to do is come and receive (familiar? If you’ve read the first two parts of this trilogy, the receiving thing is not new to you by now!)

Energy is all around you, waiting to contribute to you. Just ask and be willing to receive. When you come to receive an energetic session, leave the “how does it work” to the energetic therapists to take care of. That’s part of our job :)

I once was a biologist, worked in a biotech company. That didn’t stop me from receiving energetic therapy, I didn’t narrow myself just to science, the same as I don’t narrow energetic therapy just to spiritual people.

Energetic therapy is there for anyone who is looking to receive, looking to create more peace in their lives, for those who feel stuck and don't want to be stuck anymore, for those who are dealing with a health issue and looking for something else or looking to add this to whatever it is that they’re already doing.

So, if you’re interested in energetic therapy, you are not a spiritual weirdo, you are just someone who is open to more possibilities.

How great it is to have this possibility available!

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