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Definitely undefine that definition!

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be. This is a magical sentence by Access Consciousness©, designed to bypass your mind and also to remind you that everything that you align with or fight against is just an interesting point of view. Nothing is an absolute truth, right? Our whole reality is based on many many many (many) points of views creating it.

So be ready and willing to be surprised! Be ready to see many different things in something, far more than what you’ve already defined that something is. Like in the photo below – who said that a shoe is just for walking? 😊 look what a beautiful creation someone made out of it!

Once we’re willing to take a step back from our own point of view and definition and delete all that we already know, we are creating a whole new space for new possibilities to enter!

I created the space where I give energetic sessions this way. My clinic was located in another city and I really wanted to move it into my house. I wanted to give the sessions here, enjoy hosting the people coming and be able to do some other work in between sessions. But my house was not big enough! I lacked an extra room.

One day as I was standing outside looking at the pergola protecting a bunch of bikes and some other stuff from the rain, I suddenly looked at it differently. I could see the house walls on the sides of the pergola, and the space in between. This was a great room for energetic sessions to create! I made the required adjustments and created the space.

This seems just a small thing, but in addition to creating the space I desired, it also created so much ease for me and my clients. I love giving sessions there, with all the greenery around me, and people really love it too!

A pergola is not necessarily a pergola, a shoe is not just a shoe, a situation with no apparent solution can be looked at from a totally different angle and energy, then new opportunities show up.

When you allow less definitions, you’d be surprised by the beauty of what you can now create, what can now show up for you!


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