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Creation Corona-Time Style

These absolutely different times inspired people to go beyond their normal selves and to create different and new things. It is so beautiful to witness.

People volunteer to assist elderly people, going to buy groceries for them, making sure they are OK.

Yoga teachers that can’t teach in their studios are doing online classes. That’s true for other areas too, where everyone is offering online contents for the public to enjoy, many of which are free or for a very reasonable price.

What I personally find interesting, is that it brought many people to create outside of their comfort zone, and also to create much more than usual, despite the restrictions. I experience it myself.

Here, we were informed that we were not allowed to teach yoga classes on one Saturday night. I was supposed to teach the next morning. First thing I did, without giving it much thought, is to film a yoga class and send it to my students. It was almost like an instinct :)

That’s a nice creation, which I increased its impact by sending this class also to all my former students, to other people I know that are practicing yoga and also to students of a friend of mine who wasn’t able to film her own video, neither do an online class. So many people were able to enjoy this and practice yoga. Way more people that were originally supposed to be in my class.

This is a creation I wouldn’t have thought of doing in so called normal days.

I also went live on my Facebook business page! That’s REALLY going out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t smooth, I didn’t remember to deliver everything I planned, the internet was slow so the frame was frozen more than bearable in my point of view… BUT I DID SOMETHING THAT WAS VALUABLE, facilitating people into creating an energetic connection in times when social distancing keeps us from physically connecting to each other. (you can check it out HERE).

And yes, I can’t see people for energetic session, but I can still deliver energy beyond the distance with Send Therapy, and let people know that it's available, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

So, what can you do and be to create at these times? What can you do and be to even out-create your usual creation? And also look around you, you may find something of value that someone else is creating and enjoy the gift of it.

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