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Updated: Feb 9, 2020

This pic was taken near the playground where I live, on a stormy day, when the sun hacked behind the clouds for a few moments, and everything was so colorful, alive and vivid. No filters.

It is a nice spot, but trust me, it never looks this beautiful. But with the special conditions and the special point of view it was as if it transformed into something completely different. different and marvelous.

Here’s the thing. There’s beauty in so many ordinary things, there’s beauty in so many things that are not considered to be beautiful. There is so much beauty in a person, regardless of the things that stand out, that might not be pretty at first sight. Both looks and what we call personality.

When you give optimal, or even just better conditions, the beauty can reveal itself. When you dare to take a different point of view, the beauty starts to be uncovered.

It is slightly easier to give better conditions and adopt a different point of view on places and on other people, and to get a glance into their beauty.

It is harder to give this kindness and courtesy to yourself.

But both are super important, if you wish to have more beauty in your life and if you wish to give others the gift of being seen as beautiful both inside and out.

The first thing that you’ll have to change, is the tendency to judge, since judgment is the killer of all beautiful things.

Have you ever noticed, that once you judge something or someone, especially yourself, you start with one thing and then a bunch of other judgments you haven’t thought of just pile up? It’s like the judgment is calling all his friends to come and join. How fun! (not).

With a pile of judgments one on top of the other, there’s no room left for beauty and grace.

Loose this initial judgment before it hacks from its ugly shell, take a moment to get a different angle, and give the beauty a chance to be recognized. Loosing judgment is the first step for creating the conditions that nourishes beauty. both body and soul.

Are you ready to have more beauty in your life?


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