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This week I was wondering, why people choose to go to yoga classes. Some of them go for the physical exercise, to become strong and flexible, some go for peace and calm, for the chance to catch a break from the hectic daily life, some come for the deep relaxation at the end of the class.

Whatever the case maybe, they all have one target in common, even if they don’t cognitively think about it: WELL-BEING.

We all want to be healthy and happy. Is that well-being? Or is it just to be well? To stay well? Or to not be unwell?...

What I’ve learned is that well-being is not a steady state and is not something you achieve and then hold onto it, grabbing it by the nails so you won’t lose it.

Well-being is an amplitude. The well being of today might not be the one of tomorrow. Always listen to your body and soul for what they require at that time. It may differ dramatically from day to day, but still give you the well-being you desire.

We consider happiness as a well-being state, But sometimes a good cry can discharge so much burden, that even while still crying, well-being starts to kick in. Physical exercise brings us to well-being, but not always at the same fortitude. Sometimes the most well-being state is to do nothing, even for a couple of weeks. You get the idea.

But it goes further.

Can our bodies be imperfect, with cramped muscles or even injured, and still be in well-being? Can we feel moody and still be in well-being?

I believe we can. For two main reasons:

The first – lack of judgment and stress, whichever comes first... If you know that this is what IS right now, and you take care of yourself, allow yourself to be little out of balance (mentally or physically), don’t stress out about how unwell you supposedly are and don’t judge yourself for it. Instead, allow yourself to be with it, this alone brings more peace and calm. remember, certain degree of peace and calm is an attribute of well-being.

The second – once you are in allowance and not stress as much about the situation, you can observe it and open a gate for it to change.

So remember that well-being is a range which we circle or go up and down within it. Choose health, choose happiness, but still remember that both are not just one state that we gain or lose. We have a whole range to dance in.


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