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This Moment

This moment before practice starts, before anyone comes.

It can be me stepping out of the car with my yoga matt, lingering to listen to just a few more words from my favorite radio show.

It can be me tired, thinking about 1000 other yoga non related thoughts.

It can be me fresh and perky stepping towards a yoga studio or gym.

It can be me warming up gently on the matt till the first student arrives.

It can be me arranging the matts for a group of elderly people, allowing them to just step in and sit.

It can be me coming extra early to turn on the heat because it’s super cold.

It can be happy me, unsatisfied me, preoccupied me, relaxed me.

No matter the me that’s there,

It is always a WELCOMING me,

It is always an INVITING me,

Same as yoga is.

Welcoming and inviting to explore the body, psych, energy and mind.

Welcoming and inviting for time and space where peace and calm are easily created.

Welcoming and inviting every body and everybody.

Once the practice begins, everything shifts and the magic of Yoga starts.

What’s an invitation for you? What is your Yoga?


Hint: it doesn’t have to actually be yoga. A space that invites you to come as you are, a space that makes you peaceful and happy and allows you to grow, to become friends with your body and maybe even gain more consciousness might be a really great invitation.

Look for it :)


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