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A life saver

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Yoga saved me, without me knowing I needed to be saved. Often we don’t realize our reality could be way better, until we get to the point where it is, and cannot believe how we put up with the reality had before.

Allowing myself those moments of connecting to my body, igniting the engines to start running energy through my body and turning the volume down in my head, in a reality that isn't very easy reality, were life savers.

Today, yoga (meditation included) is the space where I can find very easily the peace I was missing so much back then. Access consciousness© tools are those that helps me bring so much joy and possibilities into my life.

The beauty of it, is that none of it is exterior; Everything is already in us.

We just need to acknowledge and awaken some of the things which are sometimes dormant, get over the things that serves us poorly, and choose others to shine and become a part of our reality.

What are the tools and things that helps you?


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