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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Sometimes we choose something, and by choosing it we don’t realize that we chose a whole bunch of other stuff related to it. Or that our initial choice is actually much greater than what we thought it was when we first chose it. And also greater than the initial reason why we chose it.

Years ago, I chose to leave the biology lab and start my own clinic as an energetic therapist. That was now my new job, the source of my income, my profession if you will.


3 reasons:

First, I moved to a remote area which forced me to quit my job in a biotech company, so I grabbed the opportunity to make a change.

Second, it was something I loved to do, and I chose to have more of it.

Third, people around me have kept telling me I get and perceive people so well and it’s obvious this is what I should be doing for a living. Helping people in creating change in their lives. That shed some light on something I already knew myself.

These were the initial reasons, and I chose to act upon them.

That was over a decade ago. But only a few days ago, talking to a friend, I realized that this choice was also a commitment to a way of life and living.

A commitment to live a life that is not stressful. To live a life that has space in it – space to breathe and to be. Not to take part of the endless chase after I don’t know what. To be present.

The commitment is to myself in my own personal life, but also to those who I engage with, such as my family, my friends and my clients.

I didn’t realize that it’s far beyond me being relaxed because that’s in my nature. It’s an actual choice for life and living with a commitment rolled in it. That choice made my life soooo much better in so many ways.

Take a moment and look at your choices.

Be aware of those that are less obvious as choices.

What are the choices that you’ve made that you don’t acknowledge or dismiss?

What are the choices that you see as “that’s just the way it is” where it’s actually a choice?

If it’s a choice that creates more in your life, that gives you ease and joy, acknowledge it, so you can get more of it.

If it’s a choice that you don’t like, notice it, so you can choose differently and change it.


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