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SEND for bridging over distances

Allows you to stay at home, wherever in the world you are, and enjoy the energetic therapy, whether you are coping with a health issue or just seeking for some peace and quiet, and everything in between.


SEND for women going through fertility treatments  

Designed for women who are in different stages of fertility treatment, who could use energetic support to contribute to the success of the treatments. 

During fertility treatments it is important to receive the energetic support at a specific time, for instance, during ovulation or after embryo transfer.

Due to the significance of time punctuality, it is not always possible to physically attend a session. SEND sessions open the possibility to receive this energetic support at any given time, while you stay at home and I am performing and gifting the therapy from my clinic. 

SEND for the golden age

Designed for adults who are not ambulant and can benefit from energetic support for balance and strength.

Many people reaching the golden age don't get what they need due to mobility issues. SEND sessions hop over this barrier, by me gifting the energetic therapy from my clinic, and you can stay at home and able to enjoy the benefits of the therapy- the strengthening and balance facilitated. 


"When I had the Chronic Fatigue episode, my chinese medicine practitioner recommended you. She thought that maybe you can help me.  That was the beginning.

You help me a lot. The therapy makes me feel many times more balanced and energetic, and also I like very much your way of doing it." E.M.

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