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Where is the energy in your body?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Take a moment to notice your body.

Is there an area in your body that you get a stronger sensation from? If somewhere in your body you feel pain or something is sore, of course you’ll get a sensation, but that’s not quite what I’m asking you to look for. Try to look for something subtle, an inner sense of some sort of bodily presence, that may be stronger in a particular area of your body.

People who use their brains a lot, probably sense it in and around their heads. Others, who are the caring type, those who make sure that everyone has something to eat and that nobody is cold, could sense it around the pelvis. Those who are well into actions and actualization of things may sense it in their legs or hands. Those who facilitate different therapies may sense it in and around their chest. These are just examples, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, it doesn’t have to be this way for you, and also, it can change.

So, at this particular moment, notice where is the area in your body that has this subtle but slightly more intensified sensation. Just notice it, and start running energy through it, allowing it to expand to other areas of the body.

How do you run energy?

Just ask for it to run. You can imagine it streaming up and down your body, but only if it helps you. A simple plea will also do the job.

Run energy through your body and allow the flow to expand to the entire body. Let your whole body to be a part of it, let all the different parts of your body be connected, keep this flow.

Now, notice your body again – has something changed? Do you still feel the stronger sensation in that specific area, or do you sense it in more areas now? Perhaps in the entire body?

Be with it for a while longer, and then carry on with your day. From time to time today, tomorrow, or any other day, take a moment to notice your body, to recognize where is the energy in your body, and run energy through it, allowing it to flow and expand to the entire body, like we just did.

It will intensify your vibrancy and vitality, and will allow your whole body to fully participate in your life - that has huge implications on almost everything - health and creation are just two examples. When you’re all in, then you’re ALL in. All of you is included, nothing’s left behind neglected with less energy and less life in it. More of you is available for anything you’d like to do and create.

This exercise is so simple yet so powerful, make it a habit and play with it!


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