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The relaxation after...

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In yoga practice your workout is not complete unless you lie down on your back and relax for a few moments. As a matter of fact, it is an actual yoga pose, called Savasana – the corpse pose. You lie on the yoga matt, but you are not supposed to sleep. You remain aware with your eyes closed, allowing your body to relax.

The idea is to let your physical body to reach total relaxation in order to allow everything that occured during the yoga practice to integrate into you: to your physical body, your energetic body, breath and energy flow and the awareness that rose during the practice.

So you lie down not just to rest, because you can also rest later, right? You lie down to integrate and create something greater out of your practice. Greater than just muscle strengthening and flexibility.

This integration after going through any kind of process is so important.

When I give an energetic session, most of the times I finish it with an energetic process that will create exactly that - an integration of all the benefits of the therapy into the body and the energetic system, so that the outcome of the session can potentially be more effective.

When I look at the Savasana, the relaxation after the practice, I realize that yogis were aware of this simple yet genius thing so many years ago. People that performed all kinds of energetic work always knew that a “wrap up” needs to be done.

I wonder what will be created if we would implement this old wisdom into our modern daily life:

What if after a school teacher finishes class, all the kids close their eyes and relax for even a couple of minutes before moving on to the next class?

What if after we create something at work, we allow ourselves a few quiet moments?

What if after other workouts – in the gym or after a run, we’ll give ourselves just that?

We tend to go and rest just when we are tired or when it’s the appropriate time. What if rather than just falling exhausted to bed at the end of the day, we would give ourselves these moments of aware relaxation during the day? Wouldn’t it create a greater reality for us? More peace and serenity and more vitality are just a few things that will surely be created.

Those alone are amazing. I wonder what else?

When to do it? Ideally, whenever you like. But a good place to start would be after you recognize that a process occurred.

  • It can be a physical process, such as a workout.

  • A mental process, after you learn something new or after putting an effort into creating something.

  • Or an energetic one – let’s say you went to see an acupuncturist, ask them to lie down for a few more moments after the needles are out.

So why did I say whenever you like, if the purpose is integration of something new into your body and being? Because as you’ll get more and more aware and conscious, many things will start to shift quicker and more often. Not just when you are doing a specific thing, but also when you’re just walking down the street and something inspires you, driving in your car and have an awareness… and then another awareness… Talking to your kids and get energetically changed by their vibrant life force. Being in nature or by the ocean will also create an immediate change.


  1. Start with choosing a comfortable time for a few moments of rest after an activity that you recognize that there’s a change involved there.

  2. After you practice this for a while, you’ll start noticing other opportunities to do it.

Try it and let me know what this creates for you! I'd love to hear!


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