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The gift of connecting with your body

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The body is so often referred to as less than. The brain is more important – you should study, be smart and overwhelm people with your cleverness. Women often have the necessity to prove that they’re even smarter, not to be disregarded, so that they can be respected not only for their looks, or to compensate on what they judge as not such good looks... Is that a bad thing? No.

But what often happens is that on the process your connection and communication with your body gets weaker and weaker, till it’s not recognized.

There’s also the search for spirituality that leads us to reach for the divine, while neglecting our bodies, which are, let us not forget, a divine gift that we have.

Don’t disregard your body. My words here can only scratch the surface of what the body can be for us when we communicate with it: a source of sensation, joy and pleasure, a space of comfort and safeness, a source for movement and motion, a center of information and awareness.

Your body can gift you so much. Notice and attend it. Connect with it in any way that’s available for you. It can be just lying down and drawing your attention to your slowly relaxing body. As simple a that.


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