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The choice to change something

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I have a friend who has been afraid of flying for many years, probably her entire life. She made sure she would fly as little as possible, and if she did fly, she sedated herself with heavy duty medication before the flight, always accompanied by someone at the airport as she spaced out through the check-in-security-getting on with the plane process.

She was helpless with this fear, but she only knew herself as having this fear of flying, that not having it was not even a choice she could see possible. She was like: “that’s who I am”.

Now, is it who she is or who she was? Is there anything in your life that has been with you for so long that you cannot imagine yourself without it? Maybe it’s something that goes under the category of a “good” thing, so you don’t even bother to see whether it is limiting you, and maybe it’s under the category of the “bad” things, but it has been with you for so long that you just can’t see how it could change.

Well, after you have an awareness of that thing that sticks with you, in order for it to change you have to choose. Choose to be willing to change it. Really be willing to. Let go of the significance you have for that thing, let go of all the judgments and pre-assumptions of why it would not change. You already have that thing going on in your life for so long- how’s it working for you so far, refusing to see that there’s an option for it to change? Has it changed that way? mmm…Probably not.

So, are you willing to choose differently this time?

My friend finally did. I knew her for quite a few years, and she used to come to my clinic for energetic sessions, but none of them helped with this issue, her fear of flying, since she was not choosing to change it. If she was't choosing it, there was nothing I could do to change it for her. Nothing. No hocus pocus for her if she’s not choosing it :-)

But then one day she chose to come to my Energetic healing classes, and to an Access Bars© class I facilitated, which both have contributed and changed a lot for her, to the point that she could see that she didn’t have to live with this fear anymore, and she chose to change it.

We were now ready to do some energetic work (hocus pocus can now work! Yay!), accompanied with embodiment and breathing reminders, and at the upcoming flight with her family she was up on the plane, drug free, reading a book peacefully! The same thing occurred on the following flight.

After that she had a very long flight coming up and she had to fly alone for the first time, so she was very nervous. But now she knew it was possible to do it, and asked for my help. I sent her energetic therapy from my clinic when she was at the airport, and it worked like magic. She calmed down and got on the plane.

Why did the energetic therapy worked like magic? choosing to let go of her fear, and knowing it was possible had a great part in it. Are you, like my friend, ready to choose and change? what are you choosing to let go of today, that will make your life easier and more joyful? Choose.


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