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Synchronize yourself!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I was in fabulous Rome earlier this week. One of the afternoons, as I was crossing the bridge heading back towards my hotel, there was this amazing show going on in the sky. Take a moment and watch the video below, before reading further.

Did you see this marvelous dance? Isn’t it amazing? What does it take for those birds to fly this way, in total unison, knowing exactly when to turn, when to sore up and when to dive downwards? When to get together with another flak and when to separate and go to a different direction?

Every bird knows when to follow other birds, and when it is time to take the lead. They don’t take the lead as a result of an act of the ego, and they don’t let go of the lead as some sort of defeat. They can be both things when required, effortless, they just BE.

They don’t think it over, like we tend to do: Can I do it? Am I capable to be leading this? Or others may go: I’m not willing that someone will show me the way! my way is the only way!

Wouldn’t it be way more fun to be able to do both, and to step into every “job” easily, just by your own knowing when it’s time to do so? Synchronize yourself with everything around you and make it easy.

How do you synchronize?

It doesn’t mean to know what everyone around you wants and needs and fulfill their wishes. It doesn’t mean to logically know and analyze every situation you have to deal with.

It does mean to be aware. Get out of your head, get in touch with your body, open your senses and trust your knowing.

Create a beautiful synchronized dance of your own.

How to get out of your head? One option is meditation, another is breathing exercises. For tips on both go here and here. maybe also here :-)

How to get in touch with your body? For starters go here. More simple and effective ways on how to connect with your body and what contribution it can be for you – come and read my soon to come blogs!


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