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Oh, The seas you'll go

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Last week I went on vacation in the Red sea. This is one of my favorite places to go to, with red mountains surrounding the bay, clear blue water, the heat of the desert outside, the chill of the sea once you dip in.

The abundance of corals and fish was amazing, as usual. But this time of year, there’s a special guest in the bay – a very small, transparent-purple jellyfish. This jellyfish is benign, it doesn’t sting.

So while snorkeling, these jellyfish float around you, and they are amazing. First, they are purple, second, the purple is transparent so you’re able to see right through the jellyfish into the sea. But the most amazing thing, is the pulse of the jellyfish.





This jellyfish looks like an actual human diaphragm, beats like a heart, but doesn’t have a central nerve system. While swimming with it I felt like swimming with a bunch of internal organs 😊 not in a yucky way, but in the most astonishing and wondrous way, amazed to see how everything is connected, how there’s an amazing resemblance between totally different species on this planet in so many ways.

And most of all, it was such a bliss being present with that pulsation of life, with the contraction, with the expansion, all followed by pauses of relaxation.

We tend to notice and be in the “doing” of contracting or expanding, I dare you to actually be in those spaces in between, in those pauses and relaxations, in the split second before an inhalation turns into exhalation, in the transient moment before you move your body from one pose to the other.

Be that wonder within the unnoticeable transitions from time to time. They are too a part of the universal natural pulse.

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