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Me, biology and...wait a minute, what?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I was working on my website, and therefore googling my name to see if the site appears OK. I got my site, some youtube videos, and at the bottom of the search I found my name on something totally different – the summery of scientific papers that I wrote or took part of around 18 years ago, while in the Weizmann institute of science grad school. Yeah, that’s right, I was a biologist back then.

I opened the search link just for the fun of it, and there they were, those fluorescent photos. Bear with me for a moment through this short explanation, so I can take us a little beyond. I’ll try to make it simple.

So there’s this protein that just sits there in a very tiny compartment inside the cells in the body. When the cells are exposed to damaging elements, like those that can induce cancer such as UV radiation, the protein gets out from it’s tiny compartment to the entire cell to do it’s job to repair the damage and protect the cell. Simple, right?

This protein was doing it for ever, I guess, for thousands of years if not more, but nobody knew because nobody was looking. Here we tagged it with fluorescence so we were able to see it.

What about all those significant things in your life that you do or are, but you don’t see them and don't acknowledging them, just because you’re not looking? Just because you don’t mark them shiny and bright for you to notice, so you think they’re not there? Or those things “just happen automatically” without you acknowledging that you have a part in it? That you are a contribution?

All those places where your natural kindness creates wonderful things for you and others, those places where your ability to do ten things simultaneously speeds up things in such efficiency, and there are so many more that we take for granted and don't notice.

Take a moment and look at something that is so normal for you, a capacity that you may think everyone else has (but they don’t). Try and look what that capacity creates. Don’t dismiss or diminish it. Dye it with fluorescent for it to shine and show you it’s marvelous doing. Your marvelous doing.


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