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Me and the body within

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I like winter. I like the sky covered with grey stormy clouds, I like the sound of the rain drops poundings on the windshields, the smell of the wet ground, the touch of the cold wind blowing over my face…

I always thought I’m a winter person, but I just recently realized, as summer is practically here, that I may like winter, but my body prefers summer!

Say what? I’m one person, aren’t I?

Well, the body has it’s own preferences and awareness, and they don’t always match ours. Let me explain with this winter-summer example.

I guess I like winter so much, because I live in a country where the winter is not very long, and there’s always a question – will we have enough rain this season for crops and water reserves? So a tad of suspension and anticipation is in the air, and when the rain comes I’m so happy and grateful.

Did you notice? It is all brain, habits and culture so far. It has nothing to do with the body.

The only thing related to the body is the excitement and joy that fills every cell when stormy weather is around. But does my body likes the cold weather? Does he like Being cooped up in a coat? Not so much.

When it is summer my body feels so happy and relaxed with the warmth, the freedom of wearing short cloths, the air that touches the arms and legs directly, and… being immersed with water at the beach!

I can’t deny what my body is telling me. And there are so many examples!

We eat what we like, or what we think we should, but we rarely pause to see what the body likes and requires.

We buy clothes that are appropriate or fashionable, but are they comfortable? Is the body happy wearing them?

We go to sleep at a certain regular time, but is the body tired? Or maybe it was tired earlier?

Little can you control the seasons of the year, but you can pay attention and give your body what it wants and likes!


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