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Find something that clicks

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Yoga was the first thing in my adult life that really clicked.

I was a young mother of toddlers, one of them with autistic spectrum disorder (that’s a miracle story for another time), with a wonderful and very busy husband, exhausted from all the things I had to handle and take care of, practically trying to survive.

On my birthday I went to get a massage. I was having a conversation with the masseur, who told me my body had the flexibility for yoga.

It took a few more months till this seemingly random saying popped in my mind, and I finally went to a yoga class. After the class I was sky high, walking on clouds, riding unicorns :-)

I was filled with this amazing energy and for the first time in a very long time I felt alive and vibrant.

Over time, those yoga lessons became the weekly hour and a half dedicated just for me, honoring me, connecting with my body, getting to know and enjoy the space of conscious breathing, and experiencing serenity that was so scarce for me back then.

I was filled with those wonderful energies and I could then go and function from a totally different space. It was a win win situation for everyone in my family, but first and most importantly – for me.

Yoga and I clicked

What is the thing that can click with you? What is this thing that will allow you to honor you and your body and give you the time and space to recharge your batteries?

You’re not too busy. When you have this thing, it charges you and you get to be more efficient with everything else that you’re doing and therefor end up having more time.

You’re not too poor. Many things don’t require money. A walk in the park is just an example of one.

Your body is not hopelessly out of shape. You don’t have to run a marathon just yet. connection to the body can be reached in many ways, there is something out there for every one and every single body.

So, are you willing to make time for you?

Yeah, you. You’re totally worth it.


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