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Exercise! (not that kind of exercise…)

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

As much as you'll practice it, the more you’ll benefit! Do this exercise when you’re busy- that means when you’re more than just sitting in front of a computer…

When we’re busy we don’t always pay attention to anything, but if we do pay attention, it would usually be to the parts we are doing something with our bodies, taking an action, reaching our destinations and goals.

Now, in this exercise I’d like you to draw your attention to the little segments in between, to moment of transitions. Like if your about to sit in the car and drive to work, notice HOW you are moving from being straight up to being seated. How you arrange you body to make that change.

Or how you reach out your hand to open the door to your office or the door of a store. The way you place your bag over your shoulder. Pay attention to the moment after you’ve dropped your kids at school, and before you’re back on the road towards the next stop.

In all sorts of transitional moments, pay attention to what your body is doing and also to where your mind is, where your awareness is.

What is this exercise good for?

*Going out of auto pilot

*Developing awareness

*Being present in the moment

*Building concentration strengths and abilities

It’s the same if you’re doing physical exercise like Yoga or Pilates: notice how you reach the required pose, don’t just jump into the pose. You’ll get much better results!

By being attentive to those segments in between, you’ll also discover the magic in those moments of transition and transformation. It is not always about reaching your goal and destination, it is often about how you get there and ENJOYING it all the way!


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