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Crazy birds

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

People ask me if it’s possible to gift energy to animals. Of course it is possible, and moreover, often it is easy, since animals don’t have a point of view about healing, about what is possible to heal and what is not and about how much time it requires for something to heal.

Last month I was in Vienna, attending an Access Consciousness© Symphony of possibilities class. One morning I stepped out of the apartment I was staying in, and I got a sense of an inner BOOM in my chest, like an arrow hitting a soft spot. I looked and there it was, a beautiful tiny bird, standing injured on the pavement.

I started facilitating energy through me towards the bird. I came closer and closer; the bird was not afraid and looked straight into my eyes. After a moment the bird started hopping. A little while into this session I realized that I had to get away so the bird could fly, So I did.

What an amazing gift we can be to everything around us if we only let it.


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