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Changing other people’s world

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Were you ever around someone and felt good Just by being next to that person?

Were you ever inspired by someone to do or change something, just by them saying a word or a sentence? or by sharing with you a simple thought or awareness?

I bet you have. It happens from time to time.

Can you acknowledge that you, at least once, had that impact on someone else? maybe you smiled at someone and made their day brighter. Maybe you were very calm when everyone else were stressed, and just by that you invited everyone else to be less wound up. Maybe you placed your hand on someone’s shoulder, and gave them a few seconds of reassurance and knowing that they were not alone.

Such small, simple gestures or your normal state of being, that you tend to dismiss: “That’s just me being myself. Nothing special here…”. Well, no. Very special here.

The things that you “are” and take for granted, that you think that are not important, or you think that everyone around you is like that so it’s not special, or that they are so small so what possibly can they create, often are the things that create the most.

They are those tiny keys that open the door for someone to have something greater.

They are those chords that link us together, helping others know that they are not alone.

They are those windows that different possibilities can be seen from.

They are those inspirations to others, that see you and say – Hey, I want that. I also want to have calmness/joy/kindness/(feel free to fill in whatever you wish) in my life – and then they go and do or be something that relates to that.

The more you acknowledge the contribution that you are to others, just by being you, the more you’ll increase your capacities to contribute.

Are you ready to be the wonderful you that you actually already are?

Are you willing to see, that just by that, you are a gift and a world changer for others?



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