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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Breathing is so simple, organic and natural. So natural and effortless, it just happens. We breath from the moment we are born. There’s a neurological signal followed by an inhalation, there are number of muscles involved in breathing, physical laws that the air and body function according to, numerous bodily cells and chemical processes that are involved in breathing, but we don’t have to do anything. It just happens.

What if breathing can be even more than that?

Take a few quiet moments for yourself. Sit or lie down, and notice your breath. Just notice it. Don’t do anything about or with your breath, don’t interfere with the natural course of your breath. Just draw your attention to it and keep on breathing. You’ll see that with your attention, your breath will change spontaneously – breathing pace might change, the depth of the breath might change.

It may be weird doing so, you might get bored or have the urge to get up and do something else, but if you give it a chance and make time for it, two or three minutes each day are a good start, you’ll soon find out the wonders of attentive breathing.

Focus, Inner sense of being, Relaxation

Our lives are usually very hectic and full of inner and outer voices. The inner voices of what we need to do, where we have to go, have we succeeded in something or not, what else do we need to deal with… you get the idea. The outer voices include other people’s desires and requirements of us, TV, radio, internet, social media and so on.

When you pay attention to your breath for a couple of minutes each day, an inner sense of being rises. You’ll find yourself more focused and more present with yourself. You’ll find yourself more connected to YOU, so all the outer voices fade away. Combined with that inner sense of being your nervous system goes in to relaxation mode, serenity can bubble in, relaxing the body and quietening down the inner voices.

You can have a serene couple of minutes with YOU, gain focus and relaxation, and come out different on the other side of those couple of minutes. Will you gift that to yourself?

More breathing exercises coming up, stay in touch.


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