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Body & Mind

I had an amazing yoga practice today. Absolutely amazing. I woke up while everyone else in the house were still asleep, and went outside to practice in our lawn under the big tree. A dozen of birds were humming and singing on the branches and everything else was quiet.

I was super focused. Well, that’s not accurate. I was actually experiencing a very broad, expensive state of mind, which allowed this focus. The interesting thing for me was, and I only realized it during this practice, that my mind wasn’t the source of it, but my body was. That was a real doozie for me.

Usually what happens is that I have a good practice only when my mind allows it, when it doesn’t distract me with all sorts of thoughts like jumping from one thing to another, thinking of all the things I still have to do therefor shortening the duration of my practice, telling myself that I am too tired for practicing, or even practicing on autopilot: the body is performing the poses while my mind is somewhere else. When my mind is more serene, my practice is more profound and connected.

But today this serenity came from my body to my mind. Not the other way around. And I tell you, it was quite an amazing experience. Our bodies are such an incredible source of so many treasures. The more I attend my body, the more I converse with my body, the more I give my body the energy it needs, more mysteries are revealed. And by energy I don’t mean food, though proper food for your body can be a great contribution. I mean the energy I get from self-kindness to my body, from energetic sessions my body receives, from yoga practice which holds so much energy in it, energy from the earth that I walk bare foot upon every day, energy from a caring touch, energy from true and real eye contact with people, those who really look for more than a split second.

I meant to write about the fruits of practice, and how the benefits from practice are there, not running anywhere even on tough times when your practice is not your priority, but ended up writing about our beautiful bodies. I always follow the energy, and apparently this was the calling for today.

Gift your bodies and enjoy them my friends!

in the pic you can see one of my favorite ways to gift my body :)


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