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An Old or A New Reality. What Would It Be?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Lately was, and in many ways still is, a time of uncertainty. From something that started somewhere far away in the far east, it was soon at home. And what do I mean by – it? Whatever you’d like to address. It can be the virus, if that concerns you; it can be all the fuss around the virus that caused all those changes. who would have thought that the world’s economy and livelihood would pause, along with everything else related to our daily lives.

But after it did, and we were all in it in one way or the other, having concerns on one hand and enjoying the peace and quiet on the other, what rose up was the uncertainty. The simplest question we were all walking around with: HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?

As much as I would like for things to go back to normal, I DON’T REALLY WANT TO GO BACK. Never. Do you know why the Aussies have the kangaroo and emu as their national symbol? Because they are animals that can only move forward, they don’t have it in their physiology to go backwards. They simply can’t. What about us? Can we really go back and do we really want to?

I don’t believe so. It doesn’t mean voluntarily dropping everything, though for some of you it might. It does mean to acknowledge that things have changed, and even if we go back to our old jobs or habits, it may seem like doing the same old things, but it is in a changed reality. It is a forward movement, not re-leaving the old reality.

In this new reality, which doesn’t have a name or a figure or known shape to refer to, what can we be and do, to help it to move forward and to form a kinder, happier and livelier reality? A reality that we would like to live in?

Getting back to the old while thinking you’re going back, won’t get you there. Knowing that you’re progressing forward, even within the familiar old things, is a totally different story.

I chose to go back and teach my yoga classes; I also chose to continue giving energetic sessions. But it wasn’t going back, it was moving forward and delivering a different energy along with it. Plus, these familiar things that I love gave me the push to also create some new things and new fruitful collaborations.

When the reality changes, with you being present and aware, all of your doings, even if it seems they didn’t change much, ARE ACTUALLY CHANGING with YOUR PRESENCE and AWARENESS. Don’t be fooled to believe you’re going back, when you’re actually opening up to create and be a part of something different.

What would it take for the difference to be one desirable to leave in?


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