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A few things to Reflect and Act upon

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When Covid 19 introduced itself to the world, it was far away. I was more aware of it than others, since I have an airline pilot in the house, and it began to affect the way he flew to the far east, primarily China. Then, when everybody around still looked at it as something happening somewhere else, I was watching more and more flights being canceled, he was about to lose his job and we all lost a pre-booked vacation because we were not sure if we’ll have a way to return home…

Not so long after, it became everybody’s business, quarantine was in the air, and all the loud voices and noises were gone, allowing silence to spread its vibrant blanket.

This is what happened with no cars and everyone staying home, but this is also what went on in my world.

While many people were caught up in drama and fear, I was happy and peaceful. I was finally able to hear and see clearly what’s true and real, what’s possible, to pinpoint the things that served me no more and let them go, to know what I want to choose, and to simply be.

No alarm clocks, no schedule, no other people except my close family, no self-judgment.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. I was still judging myself, mainly in the “work” related area:

I am not doing enough; I am not creating enough (not the same thing).

I was able to see the judgment through it's absence. It went away as soon as everything was quiet around me. The silence made it very easy for me to engage with the vibrations of the earth and universe, and let go of all the irrelevant chatter in my head, judgments first in line.

As it is very clear to see the global and local lies at this time, they stand out naked with nothing that can hide them, it is also very easy to detect the personal lies, the places where we’re off track, where we tell stories to ourselves that are just stories and not who we truly are.

Find your own path. Create your own path. Be your own path.

It may look like now it’s harder, but it may actually not be. sometimes these extreme situations are the ones that forces us into our strengths and abilities, or simply allowing us to see more clearly and to trust our knowing. Then we can choose, create and actualize with much ease and enthusiasm.

Everything is changing, and at this moment many countries are starting to loosen the restrictions. I invite you not to be on auto pilot but to be aware as much as you can, to find out what is true for you and to act on it.

This is also a reminder to myself – yes, there are more voices and noises out there right now. But instead of letting the volume of the chatter inside my head to go up with them, notice: What am I aware of? Am I creating and being my path?

What are YOU aware of? Are YOU the creator of your path?


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